Experience & Price

Snorkeling is simple, fun, safe and has no age limit. Enjoy an unforgettable Naturalistic Snorkeling Experience with Expert Marine Biologists in the pristine waters of Lobos Island Nature Park.

We use NEW and MODERN EQUIPMENT that allow you to enjoy to fully enjoy the experience.

Our daily schedule includes:

  • h 9am(or 2pm): Meeting at Fuerteventura Ocean Academy – Introduction to the marine ecosystem of the Canary archipelago through a photographic presentation.

  • h 9:30am(or 2:30pm): Preparation of the equipment provided (Wetsuit, Boots and Fins, Mask and Snorkel or Full Face Mask).

  • h 10am(or 3pm): Embarking on the speedy boat at Corralejo harbour.

  • h 10:15am(or 3:15pm): Arrival at Lobos island.

  • h 10:30(or 3:30pm): Entry into the sea from the shore and Naturalistic Snorkeling Tour (during which underwater photos will be taken).

  • h 11:30am*(or 4:30pm): Embarking on the speedy boat at Lobos pier.

  • h 11:45am(or 4:45pm): Arrival at Corralejo harbour

  • h 12pm(or 5pm): Return to the Academy (Offer of snacks and drinks / Delivery of the Species Identification Cards).

*Possibility to stay longer on Lobos island Nature Park after the Snorkeling Tour. We come to pick you up at the time you prefer, by 5pm (just taking part in the morning tour).


In half a day, you have the chance to live an experience that you will surely not forget, learning something more about the Ocean ecosystem, swimming in the wonderful sea of a Nature Reserve.

Price: 45 € PER PERSON (maximum 10 participants).


Info & Reservation: +34 680614754


The Academy