Lobos is a small uninhabited volcanic islet of the Canary archipelago, located just 2,5 km north of Fuerteventura.  For some centuries the island has been the natural habitat for numerous specimens of monk seal (Monachus monachus) that the local fishermen used to call "Lobos del Mar" or "Sea Wolves", as they competed with them, hunting quintals of fish per day. Unfortunately, the lack of protection of this species led to their extinction on the island, but the name remained "Wolves Island" in honor of the old inhabitants. This marine mammal has, in some way, marked the history of the islet becoming its symbol and, in recent years, the Canary Islands Government start to work on a project for the possible reintroduction of the species in the archipelago. Lobos island, due to it natural beauty, attract many tourists every year and is therefore no longer suitable for the reintroduction of the species. In this regard, the experts are evaluating some areas still totally wild on the west coast of Fuerteventura for the reintroduction of some specimens of monk seal, so as to avoid an anthropic impact that could lead to dramatic consequences again. The project involves the transfer of 36 specimens from the only colony of monk seals still existing, which is that of Mauritania. 


The land is arid and therefore inhabited by the typical desert fauna, that is reptiles and a few mammals among which the most representative is the rabbit. Looking up at the sky, you can see a rich bird fauna as many species of birds have found the ideal conditions for nesting in the wild islet of Lobos.


The marine fauna is the undisputed protagonist of the island and the crystalline subtropical waters host various species of fish, turtles and invertebrates that color and make the submerged landscape lively. In 1982, the elevated environmental, biological, geological and landscape value determined the establishment of the Lobos Island Nature Park with the aim of protecting its natural integrity. In 2009, due to the high marine biodiversity,  was recognized to Lobos island, together with Fuerteventura, the title of Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

the marine biologists of fuerteventura ocean academy take you to discover the underwater wonders of lobos island nature reserve through a naturalistic snorkeling excursione suitable for everyone.


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