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Fuerteventura Ocean Academy

Through the simple observation of the marine ecosystem, it's possible to collect useful data for the scientific comunity in the development of projects to protect this wonderful underwater world, increasingly threatened by human action.

Fuerteventura Ocean Academy aims to collect data on Presence/Absence and Abbundance of species living in the shallow waters of Lobos Island Nature Park.

Since we carry out the Naturalistic Snorkeling activity 12 months a year, we can monitor any changes over time in the diversity and abbundance of the species that characterizes the coastal ecosystem of the Nature Reserve. 

Everyone can contribute to the monitoring project and that's why we don't offer a simple Snorkeling Tour but a Naturalistic Snorkeling Tour.

In this regard, befor jumping into the Ocean, we introduce you to the Marine Ecosystem of the Canary archipelago through a photographic presentation and we provide you with Species Identification Cards.

Calle la milagrosa, 93, 35660, Corralejo, Fuerteventura, spagna

+34 680614754