Francesca Ferro

The Sea has always been my passion.  When I was a child, equipped just with mask and snorkel, i spent hours admiring the colorful and constantly moving world just below the water surface.  To be able to get even closer to those wonderful organisms, i started to follow the various diver courses untill to get the DiveMaster professional level.  Scuba diving has helped to increase my love for the sea, so much to start studying it until graduating, with honors, in Marine Biology at the University of Bologna (Italy). Working in the Marine Ecology field, i have seen and understood the serious effects that pollution and climate change have on the organisms that inhabit the underwater world. Today the seas and oceans of the world are in serious degradation conditions and the researchers study every of possible strategy but the situation is so serious that, for not having to swim in a sea of ​​plastic, it is essential that everyone knows, appreciate and respect this extraordinary resource.  Since 2016 I live in Fuerteventura, a magical island in the middle of Atlantic Ocean that immediately fascinated me, especially underwater. The marine biodiversity of Canary Islands is special because the particular geographical position of the archipelago has allowed the natural coexistence of species that are usually observed in very different seas. Typical species of temperate seas (damselfish, seabream, comber etc.) cohabit with species typical of tropical seas (parrot fish triggerfish, leopard eel, manta rays etc.) creating a unique environment.  The ideal place to get to know and appreciate the underwater world.  Fuerteventura Ocean Academy was born from the idea of ​​transmitting the respect for the sea and the importance of protecting its ecosystem through an activity accessible to all, snorkeling. The goal is to spread, in a simple way, the knowledge of the marine ecosystem and bring attention to environmental issues while relaxing and having fun in the crystal clear waters of the Lobos Island Nature Reserve.

Manolo  Raji Fink

I was lucky enough to travel a lot and then be able to admire the underwater wonders of seas and oceans.  The extraordinary underwater life immediately fascinated me and the sea became soon a great passion.  As a naturalist diver I firmly believe in the importance of an environmental education aimed at making known and appreciating a such marvelous and delicate ecosystem as the sea, hoping for a Sustainable Development in which the human being finally manages to live in harmony with the greatest world resource on the planet.  I guided naturalistic itineraries in the Red Sea and, in 2016, i landed in Fuerteventura and it did not take long before the ocean seduced me.  Through Fuerteventura Ocean Academy I want to give my contribution to the protection of the underwater world by transmitting my passion in a professional and fun way.  I am sure that the clear waters of the Lobos Nature Reserve will captivate you instantly and once you have put the equipment on you will be delighted to admire the world that lies beneath them.